Getting an email this morning with this link in it:

If you scroll down towards the end, he mentions the play I had in The Exquisite Corpuscle antho. *snoopy dance* That play was written from a place of complete neurosis. I am glad it worked.

Also, I need to write back to John O'Neil. Why have I not responded to the man? When someone writes to you asking you to please send them a story, you should respond. Smack me if I don't manage a response by Monday, please?
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( Feb. 6th, 2009 04:40 pm)
So, we saw this house we liked. It was lovely. Good price range, good size, nice double ovens in the kitchen. And they would have given it to us, if they hadn't fricking misspelled Navarre's name (and his real name is very easy to spell) and thereby got an empty credit check on him. I wish to break things.


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