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( Aug. 17th, 2009 10:43 pm)
Began watching an awesome documentary on Billy Wilder tonight with Navarre. Reminded me of some of the better classes I had in grad school with the older Hollywood guys. The man was brilliant.

It was funny, though. A lot of the documentary is in what I think of as writer short hand. Wilder takes for granted that his interviewer understands what he's talking about when he gets into some rather sophisticated ideas and techniques. And, seeing as his interviewer was an Oscar winning director, I'm sure he did. And I get a lot of it. But Navarre was confused at several points. We had to pause so I could explain some basics of dramatic writing and narrative.

It's a strange reversal for me. Usually, it's the other way with Navarre explaining some medical procedure to me. It felt very strange to have that reversed. It also pointed out to me how much I take for granted. I just sort of assume that other people know the stuff I know.

I think we will be watching an awful lot of Billy Wilder films in the coming months.


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