Made gluten free apple pie today, using WholeFoods premade pie crust. The top crust mostly fell apart upon baking, but it tasted great, so I count it as a win. I shall have to ask krchicken how she got the top to stay together when she did it.

Also watched the first ep of Legend of the Seeker, which I had only even vaguely heard of. Navarre and I snarked it throughout, but did watch the entire two hour thing on Hulu. Does it get any better? Is it worth continuing to watch? Seems to have a lot of standard tropes which are fun, but it's not really using them all that well. On the other hand, I support even semi-decent fantasy making it to tv, so I'm willing to keep watching. (And, no, I never did read the Goodkind books it's based on - should I?)

I felt sick yesterday, I am feeling much better today. And now it's time for bed, and yet again the weekend passes too quickly.
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