Any good ideas of where one could get a used iPhone?

My 91 year old grandmother has fallen in love with my iPhone. Not for its fun and fancy features. But for its touch screen, which is much easier for her to use than standard cell phone number pads. Also, she loves the speakerphone. She can actually hear the speakerphone. And now she wants one. However, I know she doesn't want the data plan at all.

I'm thinking finding a used one and getting her just a voice plan would work. I'm also looking around to see if there are any other phones better designed for older folks to use.

All suggestions welcome.

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I would double check with ATT if you get a used iPhone. I was told that if you use an iPhone new or used, you'd have to get the data plan. It's a requirement of using the iPhone. But they might have changed their policy since I talked to them.

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There are a bunch of people who are upgrading to iPhone 3GS's and will have old iPhones left over. I'm one of them, but my old iPhone is going to [ profile] debramcp. [ profile] jhogan is another, but I don't know if he's found a home for his old iPhone yet.

As lingtm mentioned, you do need a data plan to get iPhone service from AT&T. The original iPhone data plan is $20/mo, though, rather than the $30/mo for 3G/3GS.

Also, for the speakerphone... which iPhone was this? I've noticed that the 3G seems to have a much louder speaker than the original iPhone.

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The iPhone needs to talk to some AT&T service to activate itself, and it won't do so unless you have the required plan.

You might be able to get a raw SIM card from AT&T (or any other carrier, actually) and then jailbreak the iPhone to use it for voice only, but it's not possible with the official iPhone software.

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Craigs List or eBay. Now that the new iPhone is out there are tons of older models on Craigs List (at least in my area, and I'd imagine in yours) as people upgrade. I know Drew's is on eBay right now in order to finance an upgrade.
The trick might be to look for one that's older than the 3G so that the seller isn't necessarily looking for $200+.

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Used iPhones are very cheap and easy to come by. Especially a first-generation phone, now that everybody wants a 3G or 3GS.

Plans, I'm not sure. Unfortunately I have evidence that a non-AT&T plan won't work. I just tried putting a T-mobile SIM into an iPhone, and it was NOT happy. It does work just fine with no SIM at all; it lets you plan with everything but not make phone calls.

You might be able to use any plan if you first "jailbreak" the iPhone, which is very easy and totally safe - as long as you don't try to subsequently take it to an AT&T store for repair.


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