It is incredibly hard watching people you know being idiots. Particularly when they are being idiots in ways you, yourself, used to be an idiot.

You find yourself wanting to shake them. Slap them. Hit them pretty damn hard. And then you realize, what you really wish you could so is go back and slap the you who made those mistakes, because you are, in some ways, still furious with yourself. And you are still living with the consequences, even though your life now is much better. But you realize you haven't reached that point of forgiving yourself. And that gives you pause.

Which doesn't stop you from wanting to slap the idiots around you. It's as if, somehow, you could forgive yourself if you manage to save someone else from the same idiocy. But most people don't want to be saved, and slapping idiots is a waste of energy that could be put to better use healing from your old mistakes.

And so. I am refraining from telling several people they are idiots, today.
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