Here's a trailer for the game I'm working on most these days:

I helped out a bit, editing the text.

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The graphics are certainly better than CoH. How does the game play compare? And the artwork? One of my complaints is that the cities in CoH were all terribly repetitive, the villains all looked the same, and the quests were (with few exceptions) tedious.

The look and the feel of the environment will go a long way. :)

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I've been playing the beta for a week and a half now, and am really enjoying it. It feels very heroic from top to bottom, between the enemies, the way missions/objectives are structured, and the content is nicely varied.

To answer [ profile] lifeofreilly, I've played a couple years of CoH/V, and I think that the environments in Champions are more diverse, while still evocative of the genre. The action is more fast-paced than CoH, and the equipment system is more reminiscent of Wow/other MMOs than CoH's Enhancement system. As for enemies, you're fighting off a bug-eyed-monster alien invasion in the tutorial, rather than drugged-up human thugs. It continues on from their with substantially more varied enemies.


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