Anyone have recommendations for:
A gynecologist
An endocrinologist
An internist

I like the folks at HealthNow, but I want a mainstream doc as well. I'm finding it very hard to find a decent doctor. I could go to the Palo Alto Medical Foundation, but I've found them deeply underwhelming.

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My favorite doctor was at the Redwood Shores office of the Palo Alto Medical Foundation... but she was a PCP, not a specialist...

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Hmm. I only know PAMF people, so I'm not much of a help.

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I am also in need of a gynecologist and PCP/internist on the peninsula, so I'll be checking back to see if you get any useful recommendations.

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so, these people are pamf, but i like them

this guy was the best endocrinologist i've seen. he gave me good advice and suggested upping my thyroid doses to fine tune my levels, even though i was already in the "normal" range, which is a good thing for an endocrinologist to be willing to do.,%20M.D.

this is my gyno. she's nice and useful and didn't even blink when i said i wanted an IUD,%20FNP,%20MSN

i don't like my pcp that i have through pamf, so i'm in hte market for a new one..

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I *love* the gynecologist whose office is @ El Camino Hospital but I thought I got the recomendation from you! but now I remember that the one you suggested had me call her for lab tests and I never actually saw the one you recommended. ya want I should dig up her contact info? email me. :-)


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