Getting an email this morning with this link in it:

If you scroll down towards the end, he mentions the play I had in The Exquisite Corpuscle antho. *snoopy dance* That play was written from a place of complete neurosis. I am glad it worked.

Also, I need to write back to John O'Neil. Why have I not responded to the man? When someone writes to you asking you to please send them a story, you should respond. Smack me if I don't manage a response by Monday, please?
zellandyne: (roses)
( Nov. 18th, 2008 01:42 pm)
Just got my contributor's copy of Exquisite Corpuscle. It's pretty. Very pretty.

This collection contains my first published play. It was actually given a staged reading back in 2004 at the Words that Speak reading series. Some of y'all went to see it.

Any rate, I highly recommend the collection to any of you looking for fun reading material. It's a literary game of telephone, played by a bunch of really good writers and artists. For example, you can see the illustration that inspired my play, and the short story that was in turn inspired by my play.

It is also from Fairwood Press, which is a high quality small press. I'm very much in favor of supporting small presses.

You can check it out at:

Or, if you prefer Amazon, here.


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