While in LA with my folks I was able to stay on diet pretty well - broke for Christmas day, but that was it. And my mother made a definite effort to have food on hand for me that I could eat. I had an adverse reaction to chocolate again - I break out and get headaches. She actually noticed the breaking out, asked if that was a reaction to something I ate, and really just was much more supportive than I expected. That was heartening. My father was actually also a lot more supportive than I expected about the diet (he is usually very anti-alternative medicine).

In Wisconsin with Navarre's family it was much, much harder. They really didn't seem to understand that no dairy meant no, I could not eat hashbrowns with cheese on them. And no, I really could not have chocolate chip cookies which contain wheat, eggs, sugar, butter, and chocolate - all of which are on the no fly list. I found myself in a corner where I had to eat some strange oreo-cookie mashed up with cream cheese thing his brother's fiancee made if I was to avoid offending her. And then I did have alcohol on NYE.

So, I was not able to stay on diet. I tried. And we limited how much I broke the diet. But. The last three days I've woken up feeling as fatigued as I was before the diet started. Getting out of bed has been torture and it takes me several hours to get going.

This is actually kinda good. It confirms that the diet did make a change, and this onset of fatigue is much more drastic evidence than the slow improvement I got when I started. This also means that something I ate while in Wisconsin is definitely the culprit. So, it's either wheat, dairy, sugar, or alcohol. I'm really hoping it's not dairy...


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