More Star Trek fiction. I spent days watching DS9 to get the backstory and the speech cadences.
I've also been writing a superhero gossip column. Several weeks worth, now.

Have I mentioned that I love my job?

Getting an email this morning with this link in it:

If you scroll down towards the end, he mentions the play I had in The Exquisite Corpuscle antho. *snoopy dance* That play was written from a place of complete neurosis. I am glad it worked.

Also, I need to write back to John O'Neil. Why have I not responded to the man? When someone writes to you asking you to please send them a story, you should respond. Smack me if I don't manage a response by Monday, please?
Navarre has decided to be less stringent on his requirements for a new place to live. So, instead of just houses, we'll also consider apartments and town homes. This is good, in that we have more options. Bad in that I don't think he'll be happy in an apartment or town home. *shrug* We'll see.

I got an email from an editor I'd sold a story to a while back, telling me it will be coming out soon and asking me for more stories. That was very cool. I like getting solicited by editors *grin*

I've written another piece of flash. It's weird. I'm not that into flash. But, hey. I think [ profile] logovore was right about my pre-existing writing circuits getting used for other things. So. Flash. This one I even almost like.


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